Kings Dock Masterplan (2016)

The emerging masterplan for Monarchs Quay has been informed by the site's existing allocation within in the Liverpool Unitary Development Plan (UDP) (2002) and the Kings Dock Masterplan and Planning Brief (2016) as endorsed by Liverpool City Council.

Monarchs Quay is allocated in the UDP as site 'M17 – Queens Dock/Kings Dock' under Policy E6 as a 'site for various types of development'. Those development uses are detailed in the Kings Dock Planning Brief (2016) as:

  • Leisure

  • Residential

  • Café/Restaurant

  • Office

  • Food Retail

  • Multi-Storey Car Parking

  • General Retail

  • Open Space

Building Heights & Massing

In general terms a maximum building height for all plots is the height of the Echo Arena/BT Convention Centre which is 21.92 m (6 to 7 storeys).

The scale and massing of the new development should respond to the character of the existing development in the surrounding area. The style and concept of architectural proposals should make reference to the surrounding context and be complementary to existing buildings.

Transport and Access

Access from Wapping (A5036) will be the principal vehicular access and the existing road infrastructure serving the site will remain largely intact. Access to the multi-storey car park will be re-provided from Keel Wharf.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Monarchs Quay lies both within the Maritime Mercantile City of Liverpool WHS and its Buffer Zone, and as such is subject to the policies contained within the World Heritage Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).